2018 Leavers Questionnaire Report

In July 2018 we sent out a questionnaire to the parents of Stars who had just left Pre-School.  Approximately 45% of parents responded.

Parents’ overall satisfaction with the preschool experience was high, with 84% of respondents saying they were satisfied or very satisfied.

100% of respondents strongly agreed that their child had enjoyed their time at preschool.

100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements:

  • I have had regular progress reports during my child’s time at Pre-School.
  • The Pre-School encouraged my child to develop healthy habits.
  • The staff were caring and attentive to my child.
  • My child’s keyworker was easy to approach and available when needed.
  • My child is well prepared for primary school as a result of attending the Pre-School.

92% of parents were ‘very likely’ to recommend The Village Pre-School to other parents, with the remaining 8% ‘somewhat likely’.

We asked parents to tell us what Pre-School did well. Parents responded:

Friendly Staff / Good teaching / Allowing the children to have fun as well as developing their knowledge and skills. Letting parents know of forthcoming events well in advance.

I thought the communication and the overall work they did with children.


Provided a safe, secure environment which stands the children in good stead for beginning school. There were a wide variety of activities and tasks throughout the year which the children could get involved with and really enjoyed, the children never turned up and just played although there seemed to be a good balance of play and learn.

Enable my child to become a more confident child and be very happy and settled in her preschool environment.

The level of encouragement was excellent. I felt that my child is more than prepared to start primary school and the trips in the last few months have been very beneficial so that she is more familiar with her new surroundings. The progress book is good to see how far she has come on since starting Pre-school.

They teach discipline, good behaviour, daily routine.

Helped to encourage my daughter to be a more confident individual, which has helped her to become a happier child. I was more than happy with her key worker because from parents evening etc she came across as she truly understood my daughter’s likes and dislikes which meant a lot to me as a parent.

Building confidence and social skills, encouragement to try new things introducing basic concepts. Variety of experiences.

Couldn’t ask for anything more.

We also asked parents what they would suggest for us to improve Pre-School further.  Parents responded:

Perfect in every way.

Nothing, they’re doing a good job.

Earlier and more detailed information with regard to activities that require parental input. It can be very difficult to keep up with what you are expected to attend when not dropping and picking up your child. It can also be difficult to get time off work at short notice.

More organisation on trips. The last one to Knowsley Safari Park supports my perception.

To be a little more flexible with the finishing times especially in the winter months when you have primary school children to collect too.

Would have liked him to be better equipped at writing/reading.

School trips to be more organized.