2013 Parent Feedback Report

In July 2013 we sent a questionnaire to parents of Twinkles.  At that time the Twinkles would have completed 1-3 terms of Pre-School.  Approximately 34% of parents responded.

100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with all of the following statements.  The percentage of those strongly agreeing is shown:

  • The Staff have helped my child settle well.   90.0%
  • The Staff encourage the children to behave appropriately.   80.0%
  • I feel the staff are concerned for the well-being of my child.   80.0%
  • I am satisfied that my child feels safe and secure at Pre-School.   80.0%
  • Pre-school has informed me of the procedures to deal with any complaints or concerns.   60.0%
  • If my child feels unwell or unhappy, the staff will deal with the situation effectively.   60.0%
  • The Pre-School premises are bright and attractive.   60.0%
  • The staff make time for me if I need to speak to them.   70.0%
  • The staff help me to understand how I can encourage my child’s learning.   60.0%
  • The staff give me regular information about planned activities for the children.   50.0%
  • My child is gaining confidence as a result of his/her pre-school experience.    60.0%
  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in the life of Pre-School.   40.0%
  • My child takes part in a wide range of activities.   50.0%
  • I get helpful information about my child’s progress.   70.0%
  • The Pre-School is well thought of in the community.   80.0%

We asked parents what their child liked best about Pre-School.  Respondents said:

My child enjoys being greeted by happy and smiling staff, they are always lovely to him. He enjoys socialising with other children and playing with all things transport!

Supervised activities ie making things

Singing, cutting and stick on paper, puzzle

He loves all aspects of Preschool especially playing with his friends

The teachers and his friends

Her friends

Spending time with other children learning and trying new things. Seeing his best friend!

Taking something in to show, being with friends and being outside.

My child enjoys coming to preschool, and enjoys song time and the different activities set out within the session.

We asked parents for any suggestions to improve Pre-School further.  Respondents said:

No suggestions, you are doing a fab job.

No suggestions at present

More activities

More timely communications. The email and text system is excellent though

More trips / activities involving mums and dads (this is a rather selfish one but love to see them together and it gives the mums and dads a chance to meet other parents who their child has made friends with other than a quick stop gap in the queue to get in, love the days out or days in preschool seeing how they all get on). Preschool doesn’t have to fund. Personally I’d pay to go the zoo or farm walk round forest park etc. Maybe some kind of little homework task each week to encourage us to be involved in what they are doing in preschool.

We asked parents for any further comments.  Respondents said:

Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for September term!

Love preschool should be able to go full day though wish you didn’t close at dinner, I’d personally pay for the rest of the day as think he’d enjoy it and needs to be with other children to interact more.