New Starters

Welcome to Pre-School!  Our Parents Information Pack has lots of information for you, please try to review it before you attend New Parents Evening.  If you need a different format, please contact

The Village Pre-School (Gorse Covert)

Gorse Covert School, Gorse Covert Road, Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 6TS. Tel: 07875 365967

 Who are we and what is preschool

Our Chairperson is Hannah Thomas the Village Preschool is a registered charity and is run by a committee of 5 parents who volunteer, we have 66 policies that we adhere to, these policies include safe guarding, behavior, risk assessment, data protection to name a few.  The committee is elected during our AGM, which is held during September it is essential that someone from each family attend this meeting so that we can continue the good work we do here at preschool.

We have 2 types for sessions here at preschool Twinkles and Stars.

Twinkles is our younger group your children will joining this group, we are not here to teach your child to read and write but we will prepare them for school by growing their confidence, encouraging independence, (self-care) ensure that they are able to communicate their needs likes and dislikes negotiate and share happily and develop their listening skills and respect for boundaries set.

When they become ‘Stars’ we are able to cover activities to ensure “school readiness” Our aim is to have confident able children with skills which help them move on to the next stage of learning.

When your child start’s we do a stay and play visit this will be before your child officially starts where possible. your child’s first session with us, you will then be able to meet the staff. The day your child starts you will be able to stay and settle them for a short period, although we tend to find that even if they are reluctant to let you go they settle very very quickly.

Within the first week your child will be assigned a key-worker. This is a member of staff who works closely with yourself and your child to produce a profile of their time at Preschool.

We will collect information during play during your child’s first few weeks with us to form a starting point of where your child’s development is this may also identify any areas your child needs further input.

This information will then be assessed and we will produce a baseline report to discuss with you before we continue to develop your child’s learning journal.

We ask if your child has had the 2-year progress check with the health visitor please bring a copy of this the information with you and any other information you may have from any other person who also looks after your child i.e. other setting or childminders, CDC, speech & language and the like this will then enable us to plan activities around your child’s interests.

We work with the EYFS and the areas in this, (which are Early Years Foundation Stage)

There are 3 Prime areas;

Communication and language,

Physical development

Personal, social and emotional development.

This is the areas we aim to develop consistently when your child starts and this is the area we will use to create starting points for your child, that was touched on earlier.

There are 4 specific areas in



Understanding the world,

Expressive art and design.

We will progress these more specific areas as your child grows in confidence and development though out their time here, and create a learning Journal online for you see what you little one has been doing and what we are doing to move their leaning forward.

Learning Journals

 Each child will have a learning journal created personalized to them during their time in preschool. We produce these throughout the week as they continue to develop, using evidence from their play to enhance their learning and move them forward towards the early learning goals these are where they should be for their age at the end of reception at school. At preschool we accomplish with using a specially designed online system called 2 Simple to 2 build a profile. This is very secure and complies with Data protection, which we will require you to active when I have sent you an email with your child observations we start with a “baseline” this is created from your information and what we see in the first few weeks to produce an assessment and we work forward from there to move learning forward and through to school starting.

Working Together and Communication

 We work together with you as parents and share information between settings, so for example if your child attends another nursery or goes to a child minder we send termly reports, as to what your child is enjoying and achieving, the online journal allows to share experiences with us about what your child is learning at home. Or from your child other setting should they attend one.

We have a web site which is we also have a closed Facebook page The village preschool staff/parents communications

Please use this as we put lots of updates on, there is also a children’s section which will give you updates of what we are doing in preschool and activities to do at home as well.

You will also receive text alerts so please ensure contact phone numbers are kept up to date.

How our sessions work

 We run 2 groups of children; our youngest are Twinkles and our older group, who are going to school the following year, are Stars.

We take new children every half-term and offer our Twinkles morning sessions. You are required to take a minimum of 2 sessions but may have as many as you wish.

In the September before your child starts school they will move to our “school readiness” session in the afternoon which are more structured and challenging.

Routine of sessions

  • Self-registration
  • Breakfast
  • Register
  • Outdoor/Indoor Free Play
  • Snack
  • Group Number-time
  • Indoor/outdoor play
  • Music and movement
  • Story

Home time

We serve a snack is given each morning and the cost for this is £1 per week regardless of how many days your child attends. This is added to your fees each term. We do ask that toys are left at home and not brought into pre-school, we have had toys brought in from home which get lost or broken and children are upset.

All children are given a book bag when they start, please ensure your child brings it with them each time they attend. This is used to pass letters to and fro between yourselves and us and also for any creative art your child may produce.

Each child has a picture peg in the entrance hall. For their coats and bags can you please ensure all belongings, clothes, shoes, bags have your child’s name inside, in your pack is an order form for “my Nametags”.

At preschool we have a uniform should you wish to have this, it consists of polo shirts navy or red and sweaters navy or red which match the staff with our lol on them, we have a few used items also but not many there is a price list in your pack.

Please ensure your child comes to preschool in suitable clothing and shoes, we will be going outside every day, even when it’s raining and cold. If you feel your child has a cold and you don’t want them to play outdoors you need to ask are they well enough to come into preschool, being outdoors does not make your child ill, being indoors is where germs grow.

We are not part of Gorse Covert Primary School and therefore, intake into school is not automatic.  If you would like your child to attend Gorse Covert Primary School, you will need to register at reception or in December online with the local authority.

We like to encourage independence regarding toileting. If possible, could you please dress your child in clothes they will be able to manage themselves (no belts or dungarees) or shoes with laces as they can be hard and frustration for your child. Not all children are required to be toilet trained so don’t go worrying we will work with you when they and you are ready.

Absent Late or Sick

If your child is ill, please let us know by telephone or text and we can mark it in the register. We are required by wbc and early years to monitor all children’s attendance and if your child is not attending regularly to preschool we have a duty to report it to the FEYE team if your child receives funding we also have a duty to report this to our local early year’s team who are based at The Orchard sure start center.

If your child has sickness or diarrhea, please keep them off for 48 hours after the last episode.  Could you also please check regularly for head-lice.

If someone else is collecting your child, please let us know beforehand and we will put it into the collection book.  If you are running late or stuck in traffic, please call so we can let your child know.

We have a non-collection of children policy.

  • We are an inclusive setting who work together to communicate and promote this with the    children      and yourselves.
  • We provide support to not only the children but parents as well and work closely with outside agencies.
  • If your child has any additional needs, please speak to Mary or Natasha so we can plan ahead for any support required or if your Child has any allergies / medical conditions please discuss this with us.

Costs and Payments and Funding

The cost of sessions is £12 for 3 hours plus £1 per week for snack for twinkles: sessions start at 8:45 -11:45.

The cost of sessions for Stars is £12 for 3 hours and your session starts at 12:30-3:30pm (bringing your own lunch).

Some children may be entitled to “2year old funding “from the local authority, if you think you may be entitled to this please speak to a staff member and they will advise.

If you have a funding code please ask for a funding form, all children are entitled to 15 hours funding from the local authority, this funding kicks in the term following your child’s 3rd birthday

i.e. Sept to Dec birthdays are funded from Jan.

Jan to March are funding from April and unfortunately

April to July are not funded till the September when your child is a Star.

If you don’t have funding you are required to pay each half term for your session and an invoice will be sent to you with the cost, we accept childcare vouchers, funding from the local authority. We can also arrange payment plans should you require this option.