Please be aware there are separate admissions policies/procedures for The Village Pre-School and Gorse Covert Primary School.  Admission to The Village Pre-School has no influence on the Warrington Borough Council school admissions process.

The Pre-School is a charity and private company managed by a voluntary committee, and admission is open to anyone who supports the Pre-school’s aims.

If you wish to apply for a place at the Pre-School, please read our Admissions Policy and then fill in the form below.

Waiting List Registration Form

  • The Village Pre-School admits 30 children per school year. The first 30 children to apply go straight on to our admissions list; others go on to our Reserve list in order of application. We will contact those on the Admissions list on an annual basis to confirm that the place is still required. Those who do not respond will be removed from the Admissions list, and the place given to a child on the Reserve list for the year. Please ensure you keep us informed if your contact details change.