Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are available for you to view on request and will shortly be added to the website. If you need a different format, please ask a member of staff.  

All our policies and procedures are designed to offer the best possible experience for the children and families in the group. Our policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and comments and suggestions from parents are always welcome. Policies and procedures are grouped by topic; numbering is for our reference only.

Child Protection
1.1 Children’s rights and entitlements

1.2 Safeguarding


Suitable People
2.1 Employment
2.2 Recruitment
2.3 Student placements

Staff Qualifications, Training, Support & Skills
3.1 Induction of staff, volunteers and managers
3.2 First aid
3.3 Whistle blowing
3.4 Anti-bribery and corruption
3.5 Stress
3.6 Training
3.7 Staff working with own children
3.8 Managing attendance and sickness absence
3.9 Capability – Undergoing Committee Review
3.10 Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Key Person
4.1 Key person

Staff: Child ratios
5.1 Staffing child ratios


Managing Behaviour
7.1 Behaviour management

Safety and Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment
8.1 Health & Safety general standards
8.2 Maintaining children’s safety and security on the premises
8.3 Equipment and resources
8.4 Supervision of children on outings and visits
8.5 Risk assessment
8.6 Fire safety, Emergency evacuation and closure
8.7 Fire/Emergency/Evacuation procedure
8.8 No smoking
8.9 Staff Personal Safety and Lone Worker Policy

Equal Opportunities
9.1 Valuing diversity and promoting equality
9.2 Supporting children with special educational needs

Information and Records
10.1 Admissions
10.2 Two Year Old Funding
10.3 Fees and debtors management
10.4 Fund raising
10.5 Parental involvement
10.6 Children’s records
10.7 Providers records
10.8 Transfer of records to school
10.9 Confidentiality and client access to records
10.10 Information sharing
10.11 Working in partnership with other agencies
10.12 Making a Complaint
10.13 Display
10.14 Financial Policy靴べら チューブ(日本製) チューブ グレー/100点入り(代引き不可)【S1】
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