Free Nasal Flu vaccine for 2-4 year olds

Warrington Borough Council is supporting the NHS Flu campaign, and would like Early Years settings to promote the following information to parents:

  • Flu is highly infectious, and spreads very easily in closed communities
  • Flu can be a very unpleasant illness in children, as they suffer the same symptoms as adults (fever, chills and aching muscles).
  • The nasal vaccine is a quick, effective and painless way to get your child vaccinated, without need for injections.
  • It is offered free to all children aged 2-4 years old at your GP surgery.
  • It will protect your child from flu, and reduce the chance of flu spreading to others, especially those at higher risk of catching it (e.g. grandparents, people with long-term health conditions, pregnant women)

Parents’ Evening Fundraising Collections

Have you been decluttering before the holiday season?  If you have anything to donate to our various collections, please bring your items to parents evening on Wednesday 22nd October.  Members of the committee will be there to receive them.  Not sure what to bring?  See the flyer below about our current fundraising collections.  Also have a look at our ebay Charity Shop to see what others have donated, new items being added soon!

Download (PDF, 32KB)


AGM 2014 Minutes

The Annual General Meeting Minutes from 24th September 2014 are now available (click the link for PDF).  We had a reasonably good turnout in the end, with 57% of preschool children being represented by one or both parents.

Some were understandably concerned that pre-school could be closed if we did not have a minimum number of parents attending the AGM.  This is a very real possibility – if there is no committee, there are no charity trustees or company directors, and importantly, no one responsible for employing the staff or paying wages.  Our staff, as dedicated as they are, will not work for free.

We are required to give 3 clear weeks notice of the date of the AGM.  The September meeting was advertised on the website, and the date given at new parents evenings back in July 2014.  For 2015, it will most likely be during the last week of September or first week of October.

Places Available for Stars

A few places have opened up to join our Stars group, which are the children who will start Reception in September 2015.  If you know any parents whose child is the right age and might like to join the Pre-School, please refer them to our website’s admissions page or ask them to contact Pre-School directly.

Chicken Pox & Hand Foot and Mouth

Chicken Pox is still going around at pre-school. Children with chicken pox need to be kept off until all are kept off until all vesicles (blisters) are crusted over.  This is normally 5-6 days after the rash begins.

We have also had a case of Hand Foot and Mouth, which is a highly contagious viral illness. Children will usually develop blisters on the palms of the hands, bottoms of the feet, and inside the mouth.  However, the blisters will not necessarily appear in all of these places or be restricted to the hands, feet and mouth. Our policy is that children must be kept off Pre-School until blisters have gone.

Please contact Pre-school if you need to speak to a member of staff.

Christmas Cards Fundraiser

The children have been very busy doing the artwork for their Christmas cards, to ensure we have proofs ready as soon as possible.

Each card has the child’s artwork reproduced on the front, and the child’s name printed on the back.  The cards are A6 size and envelopes are supplied.  Our friends at Northern Print are once again donating a percentage of each pack sold, so it’s a chance to help preschool as well.

If you like to be very organised about these things, please don’t buy your cards yet until you see these!

Food Allergens

A new law is coming into force in December 2014 requiring Food Businesses to provide information about the allergenic ingredients used in any food they sell or provide.

At Pre-School we try our utmost to avoid allergenic foods.  We do not have food products that contain nuts or peanuts, and we do not use fish products.

Please look at the poster from the Food Standards Agency and inform a member of staff if your child has an allergy to any of the 14 major food allergens.

Advance Notice Dates for Diaries

Staff are busy planning Christmas activities already!  Some advance dates for your diaries, please note some changes to session times at the end of term:

Thursday 4th December – Parents Christmas Craft Day:  Twinkles in the morning, Stars in the afternoon, more details to follow.

Thursday 18th December 8:45-11:45 – Twinkles Christmas Party:  All Twinkles are invited on this day (even if they don’t normally attend on Thursdays).  Stars who usually attend on Thursday morning are asked to attend the afternoon session instead. PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL BE THE TWINKLES LAST DAY IN PRE-SCHOOL, THERE WILL BE NO SESSION FOR TWINKLES ON FRIDAY.

Thursday 18th December, Afternoon – Stars Christmas Performance:  More details and performance times to follow.  If your Star is normally not in on Thursday afternoons, please bring them to pre-school at 1:00pm.  Please let staff know in advance if your child will not be participating in the performance.

Friday 19th December 9:30am-12:30pm – Stars Christmas Party:  All Stars are invited even if they do not normally attend on Fridays.  PLEASE NOTE THE STARS CHRISTMAS PARTY IS IN THE MORNING, THERE WILL BE NO AFTERNOON SESSION FOR STARS.

Friday 19th December 12:30pm – Pre-School closes for Christmas Holidays.

Reminder: Photo Day Tuesday September 30th!

John Hunt Photography will be taking individual portraits of the children at preschool on Tuesday, September 30th.  If your child does not normally attend preschool on a Tuesday but you want their portrait taken, please bring Twinkles at 10:30 and Stars at 12:30.  Children who are not staying for the session will be prioritised.

Children can wear either their preschool uniform or regular clothes for their portrait.

Pre-School Committee Elections

The Pre-School’s Annual General Meeting is on September 24th at 7:30pm in the Gorse Covert Primary School Community Room.  We need to have a certain percentage of members (families of preschool children) represented, or the meeting and elections cannot take place, and preschool would have to close.  Please make sure to RSVP using the form below!

Standing down this year:

  • Nicola Kara
  • Nicola Burrows
  • Lynne Courtenay
  • Kim Kara
  • Howard Bold

Standing for election:

  • Rachel Runcieman
  • Melanie Pollard
  • Sarah Wilson
  • Becky Gregory
  • Emma Wood
  • Sian Pritchard
  • Bryan Evans
  • Jenny Thomas
  • Natasha Atkinson

Our Articles require that at least 60% are parents of a child at preschool.  Once elected, Committee members decide amongst themselves who will take the Officer roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Annual General Meeting



Photo Day 30th September

We’ve booked John Hunt photography to take individual portraits of the children on Tuesday 30th September.  These would make excellent Christmas gifts for grandparents!  More information to follow nearer the date.