Blue Planet Trip 17th July 2014

This letter went out in the children’s bags last week and is republished here:

11th July 2014

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium is next week on Thursday 17th July! Below you’ll find all the details, but please ask if you have any further questions.

Parents/Carers and children attending the trip should arrive at preschool at 9:00am. If your child is not being accompanied by a parent/carer, they will need to be collected from pre-school at 3:00pm.

Suggested Timetable
9:00 – Arrive at preschool, board coaches
9:15 – Leave for Blue Planet
10:00 – Arrive and explore
11:25 – Lunch
12:00 – Otter feed
12:15 – Starfish Pool
1:15 – Ray Feed
1:30 — Aqua Theatre Show (30 min)
2:00 – Return to coaches
3:00 – Arrive back at preschool, children to go home with parents/carers

We will have two coaches, 1 generously donated by Springfields. Stars and Twinkles will be on separate coaches, please check you board the correct one so we can make sure everyone is there before setting off. A photographer from the Warrington Guardian is coming to take a photo on the morning. If you do not want to appear in the photo, please let us know.

The coach seats are fitted with lap belts (not shoulder belts). You are welcome to bring carseats, but the coach company advises that you may not be able to secure them to the seats. There is no storage underneath the coach, but folding pushchairs can be brought on to the coach and stored in the empty seats.

Everyone attending should bring a packed lunch. We have been allocated an early slot for lunch so that we can all fit in together. We suggest that you bring extra water for yourself and your child.

Sun Protection
There are some outside exhibits and a play area, so please ensure that your child is wearing suncream and has a sun hat.

We hope you all have a wonderful day!

The Village Pre-School Management Committee

Sponsored Sea Creature Find!

Continuing this terms theme of ‘The Sea’, we are having a sponsored Sea Creature Find! This will take place during the week of 23rd June. Your child will be bringing home a sponsor form this week; please return these by no later than Friday 20th June. Monies raised will go towards our trip to Blue Planet in July.

Emergency Closure and Rescheduled Stars Class Photo

The Pre-School had to close following the morning session due to having no water supply. We are assured this should be fixed by afternoon tomorrow. As a precaution, we are closing for the entire day as we cannot guarantee it will be be ready for the start of the afternoon session. All parents and carers should have received a text informing them of the closure. If you are not receiving texts, please make sure we have your correct mobile number.

Stars were due to have their class photo today. This has been rescheduled for Friday 20th June. If your child does not normally attend on Friday, please bring them in for 12:30pm.

End of Year Dates for Diaries

As the end of the year approaches, here are several dates to put in your diaries:

9th June (Monday) – Stars Class Photograph. If your child does not usually attend on this day, please bring them along for the group photo at 12:30.

16th June (Monday) – Stars final Parents Evening 7:30pm-8:30pm. You will be able to take home your child’s learning journey and we will need you to complete their transition document. There will be no timed appointments on this occasion.

17th July – All Pre-school trip to Blue Planet Aquarium. Pre-school will be closed (letter to follow).

22nd July – Stars’ Leavers Performances 1:30pm and 2:30pm. All Stars will be taking part. Due to space constraints we cannot have all the parents in at the same time, so please watch for an invitation with your allocated time. If your child is not in on this day and will not be attending, please let a member of staff know.

23rd July – Leavers’ Party and Graduation. All Stars are invited to the party starting at 12:30pm. Please have lunch at home on this day prior to attending. Parents are invited to return at 1:45pm for Graduation. If your child is not in on this day and will not be attending, please let a member of staff know.

23rd July – Pre-School Closes for Summer. Parents and carers are welcome to collect Stars straight after Graduation, which should end no later than 2:15pm.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff.

Stars: PE kit needed after half term

Following the half term break, can all stars please bring a PE kit (shorts, tshirt and pumps) to keep at pre-school. We will be starting PE activities as part of “getting ready for school”.

Sun Cream and Hats

The weather is getting warmer, so we need to remind all parents and carers to please apply suncream to your child before they come to preschool, and send in a sun hat. Our garden has no shade and even on a cloudy day it is still possible to get a sunburn.

Beach Party Invitations

Parents/carers should have received a letter home inviting one adult to our beach party, either on Monday 19th May or Friday 23rd May. Tickets are £5 for adults (only 1 adult permitted per child). The ticket price covers food and activities. Please send monies in to Pre-School by Monday 12th May.

Books Home for Stars

The following letter went home last week for Stars, and is republished here in case you missed it:

Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of our “Getting ready for school” we are going to be sending home “Library books” with your Child.

Each Child will be able to choose a library book with their keyworker and take the book home to share with you, please then return the book to Pre-school so they can choose another. (We have limited resources so if a book is not returned we will be unable to send home another book with your child.)

We will change your child’s book once a week, please ensure it is in their book bag.

Please spend time with your child looking at and discussing the Pictures ask questions “what’s happening?” “How do they feel?” “Who are the main characters?” talk with your child about how the book is structured, look at the words, do they recognise any letters?.

We are not teaching your Child to read words but are preparing your child for this by encouraging them to look at and enjoy books.


The staff @ the Village Pre-school

PJs/Onesie Day Tuesday 29th April

We are having a PJs/Onesie day on Tuesday 29th April.  Children can wear their pajamas or a onesie for a forfeit of a small gift or pocket money toy.  These will be used as prizes for our stall at the Gorse Covert Primary School Fayre on 10th May.


Changes to Collection after Morning Session (Twinkles)

The following went out as a letter before the holiday explaining the new collection procedure for Twinkles (morning sessions).  It is reproduced here in case anyone missed it:

Dear Parents / Carers

When we return after the Easter holidays the way in which you collect your child will be changing to mirror the afternoon sessions.  This will help your child with the transition to afternoons in September and to help with the congestion in the hall way at home time.

A member of staff will come out and open up the gate. We ask that you then line up on the ramp and the doors will open at 11:45. A member of staff will present your child to you, with coats on and ready for home.

Please be reassured we will not allow your child to go with siblings under the age of 18, with someone who is not on your collection list or if you are not stood on the ramp outside the door, as your child’s health and safety is a priority.

The morning drop off will stay the same so please come into Pre-School and members of staff are always available if you need to talk.

As always there will be a member of staff on the gate if you have anything to discuss or we have messages to pass on, Please do not engage in conversation with the member of staff on the door. If you need to speak to a member of staff privately and confidentially please wait until the end and then come into preschool.

Please see a member of staff if you have any concerns regarding the above.
Your continued support is appreciated.


On Behalf of the Village Pre-School (Gorse Covert) Staff

Learning at Home – Holiday Activities

Some activities to do at home to continue learning over the holidays!

Twinkles:  Continue with colours, numbers and shape recognition.  When out and about (parks, shops) look for different colours and shapes, and look for numbers on letterboxes and signs.

Stars: Continue looking out for 3D shapes and letters. Look at shapes of buildings and objects around the house, play I spy games, can they tell you letters they see at the shops (A, S, A, D) and other letters.

Next Term:

After the Easter Holidays we will be looking at the Sea.  Please talk to your child about the sea and the seaside, and look at pictures of the sea and the beach.

If you are visiting the seaside over the holidays, please can you collect shells and pebbles for Pre-School. Donations of buckets and spades, small boats, or sea creatures would also be appreciated.

Have a lovely holiday, see you back on Tuesday 22nd April!

Sainsburys Active Kids Voucher Collection

Active Kids vouchers are currently available to collect from all Sainsbury’s stores, petrol stations and when ordering groceries online until Tuesday 20 May 2014.

We have collected these in past years and have some ‘banked’ already, so we’d like to add to the total before we redeem them this summer.

As a special bonus, Sainsburys are running ‘Buy Five Get Five’; customers will receive an extra 5 bonus Active Kids vouchers when they buy 5 or more items of fresh fruit or vegetables.  This promotion ends on Saturday 5th April, so there are still a few days left to get extra vouchers!

New Fundraising Opportunity – Terracycle

The Village Pre-School has joined Terracycle, which is an innovative waste collection programme for previously non-recyclable or difficult-to-recycle waste.  They convert this waste into new products, anything from park benches to lunch boxes.  The Pre-School will receive points towards products or a cash donation for every piece of waste collected.  See below for what we’re collecting:

Ella’s Kitchen Brigade accepted waste:

  • Any brand of Baby Food Pouch
  • Any brand of Baby Food Pouch Caps
  • Ella’s Kitchen branded snack wrappers

Air Care Brigade accepted waste:

  • All brands and sizes of plastic bottle caps for air care products, and plastic trigger heads
  • All brands and sizes of plastic air freshener packaging
  • All brands and sizes of plastic air fresheners and air freshener cartridges

McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Brigade accepted waste:

  • Any brand of non-savoury biscuit wrapper
  • Any brand of multi-pack non-savoury biscuit wrapper, including individual wrappers

There are some competitions on for collecting biscuit wrappers (ends 30th April) and air care products (ends May 2014) so let’s get collecting!



Volunteers and Vandals

A bit of good news and bad news. . .

First we would like to thank Julie Simmons and Sam Lad for the alien costumes they’ve provided for Pre-School.  Our space theme is now truly out of this world!

A huge thank you also goes to Glynn Hughes for his hard work in creating a beautiful, colourful flowerbed in the preschool garden.

The bad news is that the Pre-School has been vandalised three out of the past six weekends.  During the first two instances, we lost our large plant pots, which were smashed all over the school playground.  This past weekend, the newly planted flower bed was ripped from the ground and completely destroyed.

We have contacted the police on each occasion and been promised increased patrols in the evenings and at weekends.  The Committee is looking into the possibility of CCTV.  We have also contacted the Primary School to make them aware of the problem.

If you see any antisocial behaviour or vandalism occurring on school or preschool grounds, we encourage you to ring 101 and report it immediately.

Hopefully we will get our garden looking smart again soon, and it will stay that way!

A few reminders for parents and carers

Just a few reminders about issues that have been cropping up lately.  Some have already been sent as text alerts, but we feel they are worth repeating:

Parking: There should be no parking, stopping, or waiting in front of the gates to the school teachers’ car park. This is because it is the only place an emergency vehicle can access the school playground or Pre-School. An ambulance could be on its way, so please keep the area clear at all times. We are working on providing signage to make this restriction more obvious.

Building Closing Time:  As the weather gets warmer and the children stay later to enjoy the new equipment on the school playground, we’ve noticed an increase in people asking to use Pre-School’s toilets after closing time.  As soon as the pre-school children leave at 3:30pm, the staff work hard to tidy up and make everything ready for the following day. Parents and children have been coming in with muddy feet and then leaving the toilets in an unsanitary condition. Please note that Pre-School is not a public convenience, and we would appreciate you making every effort to avoid treating it as such.

Pre-School Equipment/Property:  Please do not allow your other children to play on the preschool equipment or with preschool toys whilst you are waiting outside. These items are for use only by preschool during our sessions. We cannot accept any responsibility for accidents, and we may ask you to pay for any damage caused by unauthorised use.