Donation Received from Quintessa Ltd

We are very pleased to announce that the Pre-School has received a donation of £630 from Quintessa, a scientific and mathematical consultancy with offices in Birchwood.  This donation will go towards much-needed educational resources for the children to enjoy.  To read more about Quintessa and their charitable giving, please visit their website at

Missing – Peppa Pig Hat

A child’s Peppa Pig hat has gone missing recently, could all parents please check it hasn’t accidentally ended up in your home?  If you do find it, please return to preschool as soon as possible.

Deadline Approaching for Primary School Applications

If your child was born between 1 September 2010 to 31 August 2011 they are due to start reception class in September 2015.  Please go to the Warrington Borough Council website for information on applying and a link to the online application form.  The deadline for applications is midnight on 15th January 2015.

Letter for Stars Parents – Library Books

Please see below for a letter for Stars Parents/Carers.  If your child is a Twinkle this does not apply.

Download (PDF, 30KB)

Home Learning for Spring 2015

Please see the documents below for ideas for things to do to help your child continue their learning at home this term:

Download (PDF, 67KB)

Download (PDF, 68KB)

Spring Term Re-Opening

Pre-School re-opens at 8:45am on Tuesday 6th January. All children (Stars and Twinkles) are welcome to bring in photos and a brief description of what they’ve done over the holiday.

Welcome to our new Twinkles who are starting this week!  Parents, please remember to bring in all of your new starters paperwork, and your proof of address and child’s birth certificate or passport (if you’ve not done this already).  On your child’s first day, please bring them in at the later time of 9:15.

We are collecting cardboard tubes for a project, please bring any you have in to preschool this week.


Scarlet Fever – Advice from Public Health England

Another case of Scarlet Fever in a pre-school child was diagnosed today, and we are aware that a few other children are unwell.  All parents and carers have received the following documents by email and they are reproduced here for your convenience.

Download (PDF, 29KB)

Download (PDF, 787KB)


Scarlet Fever

We have recently had a case of Scarlet Fever in preschool.  This is an infectious illness where symptoms typically develop 2-4 days after exposure.  Treatment with antibiotics is recommended to prevent complications, which can be serious.

Symptoms for Scarlet Fever include (from

  • Sore throat and high temperature (fever) are the typical first symptoms.
  • A bright red (scarlet) rash then soon develops. The rash starts as small red spots, usually on the neck and upper chest. It may feel like fine sandpaper when you touch it. It soon spreads to many other parts of the body. The face may become quite flushed. The rash goes white (blanches) if you press on it. The areas of skin around the eyes, lips and nose are usually spared from this rash.
  • The tongue may become pale but coated with red spots (strawberry tongue). After a few days the whole tongue may look red.
  • Other common symptoms include headaches, being sick (vomiting), being off food and feeling generally unwell.

If your child has Scarlet Fever, you should keep them away from preschool and other people until they have been on antibiotic treatment for 24 hours.

Please see for further information about Scarlet Fever.

Christmas Performances & Parties

Just a reminder, if your child is a Star, you should have received an invitation for the Christmas Performance on December 18th.  Please note that space is limited and there are two performances – check your invitation for the time you’ve been allocated.  If your child is not normally in on a Thursday, please bring them to Pre-School at 1pm.

The Christmas party for the Twinkles is on Thursday December 18th starting at 8:45.  If your Twinkle does not normally attend on Thursday, please bring them at 8:45.  Please note this is the last session of the year for Twinkles; there will be no Twinkles session on Friday the 19th.

The Stars Christmas Party is on Friday December 19th starting at the earlier time of 9:30am and finishing at 12:30pm.  All Stars are welcome whether they normally attend on Friday or not, but please arrive at 9:30 and collect promptly at 12:30pm.

Donation Received from Birchwood Lions

Many thanks to the Birchwood Lions for their generous donation of £200 towards the Pre-School’s outdoor area! We are very pleased to have their support.  The Lions will be having a used book sale to benefit Pre-School early next year, more details to be announced shortly.  If you have any books to donate, please get them ready!

Elf Hunt Prize Draw Winners Announced

All winners in last weeks’ Elf Hunt prize draw have been notified and in most cases the prizes have been collected.  Please visit the Elf Hunt page to see the complete list of prizes, sponsors, and winners.  There are links to some of our sponsors websites so you can see the variety of businesses that have supported the Elf Hunt!

Our Winter Raffle continues until 31st January 2015, please ask at preschool if you need more tickets to buy or sell on.  We are working on getting them available for online purchase.  Top prizes are a pair of Take That tickets and a pop up afternoon tea for 6.

Sharing Information in the Early Years

Our page For Parents has a new document, Sharing Information In the Early Years, which explains how and why we share information with Warrington Borough Council.  All parents should have a quick read of the information; any questions, please speak to the Pre-School Supervisor.

Elf Hunt this Saturday 6th December!

Many thanks to all our elves who have been working hard getting ready for the Elf Hunt this Saturday 6th December at Risley Moss!  We can still use more volunteers on the day, so if interested please contact Emma and let her know when you’re available.

If you’ve not made a jolly jar or two, now is the time – please have your jars to preschool by Friday so we can use them in a tombola at the Elf Hunt.  They’re fun for kids to help make, and were a huge success last year.

We had a test run of our Knock the Elf off the Shelf game at the Gorse Covert Primary School Christmas Fayre this past Saturday, and we made over £150 with the game and sales of snowman soup, reindeer food and magic Santa keys. Thanks if you came by the stall, and if you missed us, we’re doing all of these activities and more at the Elf Hunt!

Time to make Jolly Jars!

After the big success last year, we will be running our ‘Jolly Jars’ tombola again.  This time we plan to do it at our Elf Hunt on 6th December.  We hope that all the preschool families can send in at least one Jolly Jar (but do make more if you want!).  If you are unfamiliar with making jolly jars, this website has very helpful instructions and ideas.  Basically, you take an empty jar, decorate it, and fill with sweets and/or small toys.  Jars can be brought in to Pre-School from now until 4th December. Please contact Emma Wood if you have any questions.  Thanks for your help!

Here’s what it looked like last year! jollyjars2013

Christmas Craft Day 4th December – booking essential!

Our Christmas Craft day this year will be on Thursday 4th December.  This is a special fundraising event where parents can come and make Christmas crafts with their child.  Due to space limitations, only one parent per child may attend.

If you would like to participate in Christmas Craft day, please send £5 in an envelope clearly labelled with ‘Christmas Craft Day’ and your child’s name by no later than Friday 21st November.

On the day, parents of Twinkles should arrive at 10:30am; parents of Stars should arrive at 1:30pm. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions about the day.