Home Learning and Letter for Stars

Home learning for both Stars and Twinkles this Summer Term: 

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Letter Home to Stars families:

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Places Available for September 2015

We have places available for new starters in next year’s Twinkles group (birthday falls between 01/09/2012-31/08/2013. If you know anyone who may be interested, please share this information with them and ask them to get in touch by filing in the Waiting List Registration Form on our Admissions page.

We also have a place available in next year’s Stars group (birthday falls between 01/09/2011-31/08/2012). Please use the registration form linked to above.

Fundraising News – April 2015

The Egg Hunt, held on 4th April, was an amazing success!  The final profit after all expenses was approximately £1,866, which will go towards our project of completely revamping the children’s outdoor area.

The Birchwood Lions held a Book Sale for us at the end of February and raised £1,190.  Many thanks to Jean and Ken and the Lions for all of their support!

There is a little over a week left to collect Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers (ends 5th May).  If you have any Active Kids vouchers, please send them into preschool as soon as possible after this date.

Primary School Places

All children in the Stars group should have found out about their primary school place by now.  If you are intending to appeal for a different school, please speak to Supervisor Mel Black, as she may be able to advise on how best to go about this.

We are also aware some parents will be considering keeping their child at preschool rather than sending them to Reception.  Please note this must be formally requested as there are space and funding considerations.  Children can only received 4 year old funding in the terms before the term in which they turn 5, and there are strict cutoff dates. Again, please speak to Mel if you would like more information.

Updated guidance on your child’s development

4Children (with support of the Department for Education) have produced a new booklet for parents giving guidance on children’s development and the Early Years Foundation Stage.  This booklet will help you understand what to expect and when, and has helpful tips on what you can do to help and encourage your child at different stages.

Download (PDF, 2.74MB)

Children’s Easter Competitions

Please see below for information on the Easter competitions that will be taking place on Thursday 2nd April.  There are different competitions for the Twinkles (younger children) and Stars (older children):

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Download (PDF, 183KB)

Stars Early Collection at Easter Break (2nd April)

As most parents will be aware Gorse Covert Primary School shuts early on Thursday 2nd April at 2:15 for the Easter Holidays. If you are wanting to collect your Child early from the afternoon Pre-School session on this day please be at the Pre-School gate for 2:20pm.

We will require you to inform a member of staff before 2nd April so we can make arrangements for your child to be ready for collection with as little disruption as possible to the rest of the session.

Exclusion Time for Impetigo

We have had a case of impetigo at Pre-School recently.  Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection that is common in pre-school children.  The most common kind of impetigo (non-bullous) causes sores around the nose and mouth, which burst and then form a yellow-brown crust.

If your child has impetigo, they should be kept off Pre-School until any sores have dried and healed or until they have had 48 hours of antibiotic treatment, as recommended by Public Health England.  Treatment with antibiotic cream (for mild cases) or antibiotic tablets (for more severe cases) is recommended to shorten the length of illness avoid spreading the infection.  Please see the NHS choices website for more information.

Volunteers Needed for Egg Hunt

Pre-School will be putting on another event at Risley Moss, and we need volunteers!  The Egg Hunt will be on Saturday April 4th (Easter weekend) from 10am-4pm.  One of our past pre-school parents is coordinating the volunteers, so please use this link to read more and sign up.

Exclusion time after D&V

We are aware that several children have been affected by a vomiting bug recently.  Please note, any child who has diarrhoea or vomited must not attend pre-school until it has been 48 hours since the LAST episode.  Our policy on managing infectious illnesses is available by clicking this link.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Book Sale – Books needed!

The Birchwood Lions will be holding a book sale to benefit The Village Pre-School on Friday February 27th and Saturday February 28th.  It will be in the Birchwood Shopping Centre, approximately 10am-3pm each day.

If you have any books you can donate to the sale, particularly children’s books, please bring them to Pre-School as soon as possible, and no later than Tuesday February 24th. If you want to drop off books on the weekend or during the half term holiday, please bring to our registered office, 10 Darnaway Close in Gorse Covert.

Many thanks to the Lions for putting on the sale!

Date set for Egg Hunt!

Following on from our very successful Elf Hunt in December 2014, we are pleased to announce that we will be doing a similar Easter-themed event.  Please save the date on your calendars, it will be Saturday 4th April 2015 at Risley Moss.  More details to follow.

Letters Home w/c 8 Feb 2015

Two letters have gone out this week about the Free Early Years Education grant and the new Early Years Pupil Premium. There may be urgent action required, so please make sure you have read these letters. If you did not receive a copy, they are posted here for your convenience.

Download (PDF, 25KB)

Download (PDF, 23KB)


Infectious Conditions and Hand Hygiene

We’ve recently had children in pre-school with infective conjunctivitis and threadworms.  Please read up on the signs and symptoms of these conditions using the links, and seek treatment straight away if you think your child has either of these conditions.  Staff may ask that you keep your child away from pre-school until they’ve been treated.

To help prevent the spread of infectious conditions, we ask that you please encourage and model good hand hygiene for your child and keep their nails trimmed short.  There is a helpful video on the NHS Wash Hands website that demonstrates proper handwashing technique, please watch it with your child and have a go!

Woodlands Sure Start Spring 2015 Programme

The Woodlands Sure Start offers advice, support, play sessions, and many other services to families with young children.  If you can’t see the document on this page, try refreshing the page, or please download the PDF using the link at the bottom.

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